Site Selection & Planning

It all begins with site selection. The Ishay Group is very selective about choosing optimal development projects. Its strategy is to develop properties in Class A locations of under served submarkets that possess strong fundamentals and support the potential for strong, future growth. This requires a comprehensive study of market research and analysis. Considering its long term objectives, its developments are generally progressive for their neighborhoods or markets.



The design phase is an important piece of The Ishay Group’s formula of creating timeless projects. It consists of a close collaboration between its industry partners and construction management team, where it engages intensely with architects, engineers, and various consultants, to create a symbiotic vision among the team. Each project it has developed has found an appropriate balance between forward, aggressive designs and architectural contextualism. It has exploited every opportunity available to introduce cost and operational efficiencies, sustainability, and advanced technologies. 



The Ishay Group’s meticulousness through the construction phase is integral to its business. It prides itself in its ability to build from the ground up where it can showcase its creativity and reinvigorate certain communities. It also prides itself in its ability to work with the challenges that come with upgrading existing buildings and transforming them without diluting their historical fabric and character. From worldwide material procurement to intricate design detailing, it is equally invested in construction, preservation, modernization and cost efficiency.