THE STUDEBAKER LOFTS - A repositioning of a commercial / industrial property into residential lofts and ground floor retail, in the "The Heights" of Jersey City.

The Packard, formerly a Studebaker-Packard showroom, will be an exciting repositioning of commercial/industrial property into residential lofts with a ground floor retail space in “The Heights” of Jersey City. Located on 142 Charles Street, the Property sits on the corner of Jersey City’s backbone, John F. Kennedy Boulevard.

Upon completion, each of the units will be lofts that feature high-end luxury finishes, 10-14-foot ceilings, open kitchens, modern appliances, industrial like wide windows. Six out of the fourteen residential apartments will feature duplex apartments with views of the Manhattan skyline.

This building features adorned and coveted architectural features that define the vintage blue-collar industrial character that is unmistakable Jersey City historical landscape.

This building has either been built for or at some point occupied by a Studebaker dealership (presumed to be in the 1940’s or earlier).  At about the 1950’s, the building was then taken over by the Checkolite corporation, where it was used for retail, wholesale, showroom and warehousing facility.  It is presently planned for 14 apartment and a ground floor retail store.  The roof will “pop-up” as a partial 5th floor top side bedrooms and terraces along with bathroom space to the 4th floor duplex apartments below.  Materials used to support the walls and roof, will be iron or iron-like materials that visually compliment the large loft windows that allow plenty of eastern, southerly and westerly light to pour in through out the day.

The Packard will be the inaugural development by The Ishay Group for its “Res-Industrial” portfolio.

The Res-Industrial portfolio will be a development portfolio that has identified and acquired interesting or historically significant industrial buildings that will serve best as either all residential or mixed use communities.  Res-Industrial will strive to identify development opportunities that offer the possibility of note worthy LEED certification.

The young fashionably conscious and discerning successful professional, couple or family is looking for residential space which offers height, and amenities, that industrial buildings and their loft naturally lit characteristics are perfectly suited for. Res-Industrial will be the preferred brand to cater to that preference.


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